Business Spotlight: The Fickle Peach

The Fickle Peach

Passionately Dedicated to Downtown Muncie

Founded in 2005, The Fickle Peach has become a downtown icon.

Leap Day @ The Fickle Peach
Founders Brewing Company takes over the Fickle Peach for Leap Day 2020.


“Passionately dedicated to great beer,” they also take very seriously their role in the community. They have been the driving force behind Indiana Public Radio’s annual All Beers Considered fundraiser, host events for multiple local organizations, participate in every downtown neighborhood event, and lend a hand to their neighbors whenever they can.

Current Status

Except for limited carry-out beer sales, completely closed, leaving the owner and his five bartenders with no income.

Owner Chris “Peach” Piche has often described the food menu as “a cruel joke,” being made up of primarily hot dogs and chips-n-salsa. While that serves its purpose well enough during regular business periods, it doesn’t lend itself to carry-out service.

What can I do?

The Fickle Peach will be having a beer sale Friday, March 20, from 4:00-8:00PM. Peach will be breaking out items from his “cellar stash,” which he has carefully curated since the bar first opened. There will be things you can find nowhere else, along with many familiar brands. You should go buy some.  Visit their Facebook page for details.

The Fickle Peach also sells gift certificates. You can buy them online (and toss a coin in their tip jar) by clicking here.

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